Aussies over 50 loathe Gen Y’s political correctness

A new study of Australians aged 50-plus has revealed they’re no fans of younger generations’ politically correct views and describe it as “annoying”, “unauthentic” and, heaven forbid, it’s “ruining society”.

The seventh instalment of the study, titled The Australian Seniors Series: Modern Australian Manners Survey, was compiled by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency and interviewed 1000 Aussies aged over 50 on their views of modern-day manners and political correctness.

The study found: “While Aussie seniors value the importance of good manners, nine in 10 agree that people are too politically correct (or ‘PC’) these days and believe that the push for constant PC behaviour is ruining society (86 per cent).

“In fact, ‘having to be politically correct all the time’ is a top pet peeve for more than half of Aussie seniors (51.6 per cent).  While PC practices can be considered both a prerequisite and a faux pas, there is no question that having racist, sexist, classist or ageist opinions is one of the greatest gaffes that be can be committed, with two thirds agreeing to this.”

You can read the full study here.

Originally published in: B&T Magazine

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