Are baby boomer travellers ignoring print in favour of the web and word of mouth?

Recently there has been some news coverage from Mumbrella claiming that baby boomer travellers are ignoring print in favour of the web and word of mouth.

Using independent national Roy Morgan single source data from the last 12 months tells a very different story.

Evergreen founder and Managing Director Gill Walker explains, “When filtering down to those looking to take a long trip in the next 12 months, over 64.5% of baby boomers have read a newspaper in the last 7 days and are much more likely to do so (Index 135) than the total population.

Furthermore, they are also more likely to read the holiday and travel sections of the following newspapers than the general population. Weekend Australian (Index 198), Sunday Telegraph (Index 176), Sun Herald (Index 186) etc.. I won’t bore you with the full list.”

Yes, there is no doubt that digital is playing an increasingly important role in influencing baby boomer travel decisions and we always recommend a digital strategy to support a traditional one.

The great news is Boomers are media polygamists, not digital monogamists. Most are smart and can multitask.

Therefore, independent research data does not support the claim that weekend newspapers are largely being ignored by baby boomers as a means of research and for influencing their holiday decisions.

Click here to read the full Mumbrella article.

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