What Facebook’s changing news feed algorithm means for marketers

You have maybe seen some of the click bait headlines over the last few days “Mark Zuckerberg’s change of heart just cost him $3.3 Billion”. Or how about “Mark Zuckerberg is fighting to save Facebook”. Dramatic stuff huh.

So what’s happened at Facebook?

Facebook is changing the algorithm regarding which content will appear in the user news feed. This is based on negative user feedback that Facebook has been receiving. Specifically, that content from the wider public was increasingly pushing aside posts and photographs from friends and family on the Facebook news feed.

In your news feed you will increasingly see less content from businesses, brands and media and more content from friends, family and groups.

You can read the full announcement by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook here below

What does this mean for my Facebook brand page and campaigns?

Organic posts

Facebook themselves admit that on average, the organic reach of Facebook posts is currently around 16%

Amongst Evergreen clients, the figure is closer to 10%. The change in the algorithm will lead to a further decline in the organic reach of Facebook posts, but really it doesn’t have much further to fall.

Forget any previous advice or recommendations on the optimum frequency of posts per week.

Post less frequently.

Post better and more engaging content when you do.

Put more resources into creating video content.

Paid posts

The increased demand to advertise on Facebook will no doubt continue to drive further increases in CPM and CPC rates.

Facebook can still be highly cost efficient in generating potential leads and conversions.

Use precise audience targeting as much as possible to maximise reach and minimise wastage.

Test, retest, split test and test again to work out the most efficient use of your media spend.

Use the appropriate ad format for your campaign depending on your objectives. In some cases a carousel format using a series of static images will perform significantly better than a video or single static image.

Use audience retargeting wherever possible to reduce your CPM and CPC costs.

What other social media channels can I use to reach the mature and over 50’s market?

Facebook is still the best option in regard to social media channels – Sensis Social media study 2016.

Unfortunately there is no other social media channel that comes close to matching Facebook in reaching that target audience.

For help in targeting the mature or over 50’s market via Facebook, contact Evergreen.

Contact Evergreen to increase the effectiveness of your communications

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