Finally, some remarkable honesty used in retirement living advertising!

In the advertising world, retirement villages are filled with happy, smiling couples living it up.

Presbyterian Support Otago has decided that honesty is the best policy. They are telling the truth, being upfront and asking people to lend support for gender equality at their Wanaka Retirement Village.

Thanks to local resident Ken’s sense of humour and fun, he has become the star of the latest advertising campaign proudly announcing ‘The luckiest man in New Zealand’. Living at a village with 17 women, Ken is the only man. He admits to being a great listener, but is looking for some male companions to come and enjoy village life.

Ken, the luckiest man in New Zealand
Ken, the luckiest man in New Zealand


Monica Lindemann, Director Communication, Fundraising & Marketing at PSO says village life at Wanaka Retirement Village is very special and residents have a saying “join us, as it’s a climate to thrive”. Village residents enjoy a spectacular landscape that changes with the seasons, and gives you a sense of place with everything you need within easy walking distance. Wanaka is popular with all ages, and a vibrant town year round.

By 2030, it is expected that 30% of the Central Otago population will be 65 or over, so it’s definitely a regional hot spot for retirees.*

Visitors are welcome to visit the village and meet ‘Ken and the ladies’ during the A&P Show Open Days, March 13th to 15th.

Presbyterian Support Otago, owner and manager of Wanaka Retirement Village, was thrilled when kiwi born Gill Walker from Evergreen Advertising in Australia offered to help with the campaign.

Gill said “we specialise in advertising and marketing aimed at the 50+ audience, and after seeing hundreds of adverts for retirement living they start to look like wallpaper. Our challenge was to take a refreshingly honest approach and bring to life the real personality and sparkle older people have for life. We were thrilled PSO had the spirit of adventure to run with it.”

For more information on other 50+ campaigns from Evergreen look at the portfolio page or contact Gill at or call 613 9413 9900.

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