How frail are your older friends and relatives? – are they faking their fitness!


I just attended the launch of PARC, a new online screening tool to encourage discussion about frailty.

The project is spearhead by Project Leader and Chief Investigator Stephen Burgess.  His presentation was thought provoking as he explained that many older people mask their underlying frailty with social skills – as we say faking it!   Yet with some simple and in-home interventions, quality of life can be improved, and frailty reduced.

The PARC website uses a validated Frailty screening tool and customised questions to assess where individuals could use support in managing the effects of ageing. PARC then produces a summary of the results and a series of individual recommendations.  The tool is a great way to start a discussion with one’s primary healthcare professional .

It FREE to use and really simple, takes less than 2 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The program is open to all Australians and can be completed by the individual or concerned friend or family member.

The tool was developed with the support of a government grant and the research team at Benetas the aged care specialists.

It’s a great example of collaborative thinking for the wider community – well done, please share#.

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