Is the in-home TV set dying?

There has been much talk about the decline in TV home viewing, however the trend for mature Australians appears to be much different.

Many marketers have questioned whether they should spend money on TV.

Interestingly, data reveals a high number of consumers, particularly older Australians, are avidly watching their in-home set. Oztam cites 94.3% of Australians aged 55-64, and 94.8% of people 65+, have watched TV on an in-home set in the past 7 days.

This equates to an average of 130+ hours a month (or 4.5 hours per day) that the 50+ audience are watching an in-home TV.

What about tablet viewing? Less than an hour is spent in an entire month by the 50+ audience viewing TV with new technology like tablets.1

We expect these figures to change and other devices to increase over time.

Advertising over summer on TV presents some advantages for marketers.

Costs are adjusted down as regular series take a break and although viewing also declines, the numbers are still strong for the mature viewer.

This presents a win-win for advertisers.

The ‘Tennis’ in particular attracts strong numbers, with almost 1million Australians aged 50+ watching some games last year. Many games exceeded 500K viewers aged 50+.

Commercial news also produced solid numbers throughout last summer and would be worth considering in any summer-targeted 50+ television schedule.2


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  2. Oztam, Summer 2014/15, 5 cap cities, people 50+ years.

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