How to improve the effectiveness of aged care Google Adwords campaigns – 8 key learnings

Evergreen Digital has run a large number of Google Adwords campaigns for clients in the aged care sector.

Here are 8 key learnings to make aged care Google Adwords campaigns more effective. These learnings are very consistent across our clients.

  1. Website traffic and searches for aged care skew heavily to during weekdays. Traffic drops almost 50% on Saturday and Sundays, compared to the average on weekdays.
  1. Furthermore, during weekdays traffic tends to peak towards the earlier part of the week, from Monday to Wednesday.
  1. Females make up the majority of website and search traffic, averaging between 70 – 75%. This confirms other research which suggests that females aged 45 – 64 are most likely to be the key influencer of making household decisions on aged care on behalf of the family.
  1. The share of searches done on mobile or tablet continues to increase significantly. Between 2014 and 2016, the % of searches on desktop has declined from approximately 65% to 55%. This is expected continue into 2017 and beyond.
  1. During the day, searches tend to peak around the times of pre lunch (10am – 12pm) and post lunch (2pm – 4pm). Searches keep dropping significantly into the afternoon and evening.
  1. Click through rates (CTR%) are highest on tablet devices, followed by mobiles, then desktops.
  1. Those aged 65+ have the highest CTR% , followed by those aged 55 – 64%. CTR% continues to decline with each younger age group.
  1. Females have a higher CTR%, compared to males.

What does this mean for your aged care Google Adwords campaigns?  To hit the CTR% bulls eye, you should be targeting a females aged 45 – 64, on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, between the hours of 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 4pm on a tablet or mobile device.

Adjust your bids accordingly.

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