Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts gets into something good

In the cluttered environment of retirement-living advertising, it takes something special to break through and create the right noise.

Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts recently commissioned a brand campaign with a difference, sure to stand out and connect with the over 50s audience in Queensland.

Living Gems General Manager Vlad Pullich said “Our resorts offer residents the freedom to live their lives the way they want, at a price they can afford. Many say it’s liberating, so for our new advertising campaign we wanted to tap into this freedom with vibrancy and energy. What better way than with a hit song from their youth.”

Evergreen Advertising and Marketing Creative Director Phil Thomas developed a creative strategy to showcase the homes and lifestyle attributes at Living Gem’s stunning resorts by bouncing off the positive motivations in the song ‘I’m into something good’, written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin. 

“The track was made famous in 1964 by British rockers Herman’s Hermits, and once heard it just sticks in your mind. When we looked into the audience there were strong UK roots, so it was a natural fit for the Living Gems brand promise of something special. That’s sensory marketing done well, using a supraliminal stimulus.”

The use of music from a generation’s youth is very powerful, profound and highly effective. Studies documented by K.V Nesse have shown that the influence of music can be obvious or discreet, and the right music selection can increase customers understanding of a product. Music acts consciously and subconsciously and plays a large part in positioning strategy, memory structure, targeting, authority establishment, branding and differentiation. It can entertain, and even affect the mood of the buyer and their willingness to purchase.

The TVC was directed by Ian Kenny, under the management of First Floor Films Executive Producer, Roz Ruwhiu. Filming at Living Gems resorts around Brisbane spanned 3 days to capture an array of scenarios from canoeing on the Caboolture River to the thrill of ten pin bowling, and drone shots capturing the expanse of the resorts. A wide mix of talent genuinely reflects the profile of resort residents, and there’s a special focus on intergenerational relationships as even grandkids are able to use the facilities.
The extensive summer campaign launches January with an impactful 60sec tvc, supported by 2x30sec tvcs each showcasing different features from ‘larger than normal’ home garages that fit RVs, to competition-size bowling greens.

Client – Vlad Pullich, General Manager, Living Gems Over 50’s Lifestyle Resorts
Agency – Phil Thomas, Creative Director, Evergreen Advertising & Marketing
Production – Director Ian Kenny, Executive Producer Roz Ruwhui, First Floor Films.

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