Local mature models star for Bloom

A global hearing aid retailer, Bloom, has used Australian mature models in a local photography project to boost its worldwide marketing communications image library.

Through the Australian operation, this pivotal project was conceived and executed with Evergreen and Real Models.

The major photo shoot was conducted over two days in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations around Melbourne during June this year.

Aimed at portraying the freedom and flexibility of lifestyle that people who have hearing loss rectified can enjoy, the photo shoots involved a complex blend of logistics and sourcing models over 50.

Mature model specialists, Real Models, provided the talent from their extensive database, and Evergreen Advertising managed the two day photo shoot with local photographer Lynton Crabb.

From golf courses to ferry terminals, markets to cinemas, the models and locations needed to be placed in generic scenarios that could be anywhere around the world.

Bloom hearing specialists’ Marketing Manager, Melissa Chandler, was responsible for this international project and has been instrumental in seeing it come to fruition.

“There has been an enormous amount of planning, preparation and professionalism go into making this happen. It’s been a great success, especially with the seamless project management from the team at Real Models and Evergreen.”

“When we needed authenticity and character in the photo talent, while maintaining an element of global neutrality, they delivered a great result. The images we now have are a real testament to that. They could be in the USA, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, in fact anywhere.”

For more information about mature models at Real Models, visit www.realmodels.com.au

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