Smart home technology is a gift for over 50’s

If you’re looking for a meaningful present to give over 50’s this festive season, smart home technology is right on the money.

New research by The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence and MIT Agelab in the US has uncovered issues that over 50’s homeowners are concerned about and the top 10 smart home technologies that can make their lives easier.

The research found that smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, wireless doorbell cameras, and keyless entry are among the top 10 smart home technologies for homeowners age 50 and older.

“Smart home technology can make life easier for people of all ages, but it can be especially beneficial to those ages 50 and older as their lifestyles change,” said Jodi Olshevski, gerontologist and executive director of The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence.

“Keyless entry is convenient for active households, especially if there are multiple generations living under one roof. Wireless doorbell cameras can provide safety and peace of mind to families who travel or to individuals who live alone.”

The top 10 technologies include:

  1. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Wireless doorbell cameras
  3. Keyless entry
  4. Automatic lighting
  5. Smart water shut off valves
  6. Smart home security systems
  7. Smart outlets/plugs
  8. Smart thermostats
  9. Water and/or mould monitoring sensors
  10. Smart window blinds

“How we live has an enormous impact on our happiness and well-being,” said Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph.D., director of the MIT AgeLab. “Smart home technologies offer innovative opportunities to make living easier and to help people protect their homes.”

A survey conducted as part of the research project found that although maintenance was the primary concern of over 50’s homeowners, other issues including safety and security, saving energy and improving the ease and convenience of day-to-day life were high priorities.

Smart home technology could be the ‘peace of mind’ solution that helps older people live in their own homes longer and more affordably.

So, if you are stuck trying to work out whether socks or garden gnomes might be the best present this year for over 50’s, consider smart home technology – looks like they’ll really appreciate it.

Reference: Adapted from The Hartford newsroom article 29/11/2016

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