Feros Care

Aged Care, Home Care

Brand awareness increased by using a 50+ media lens

Business challenge

Feros are a not for profit organisation who offer  residential aged care/respite, home care, home maintenance, veteran’s services, community and respite care, some clever technology to make life easier, help accessing community services and activities, people who can help coordinate local NDIS services and connections to allied health and wellness solutions.

Feros approached Evergreen with a creative campaign which centred around five ‘heroes’ inspirational stories on the same theme of ‘growing bold, not old’. Evergreen were briefed to bring the heroes and their stories to life in order to:

  • stimulate/increase awareness
  • reposition current brand
  • change attitudes within category

The campaign effectiveness was to be measured on brand and campaign awareness pre and post.

Feros’s target market for the Grow Bold campaign was both the user (people aged 70+) and influencer (females aged between 45-64 years) therefore the channels needed to reach both target markets


Audience research using Roy Morgan revealed both target markets were avid magazine readers. Around 80% of both groups had read a magazine in the past period. Magazines were recommended as they:

  • visually bring the heroes to life and let them tell their stories
  • reached all target groups in the right and credible environment
  • low clutter in terms of category competitive spend giving Feros the opportunity to stand out
  • maximised the budget across the entire campaign, building the Feros brand v’s treating each story as a micro campaign and potentially diluting the media investment


Women’s Weekly was recommended by Evergreen as the main magazine to use as it was avidly read by both target markets (Roy Morgan, 2017) and delivered a strong environmental fit given it features inspirational people’s stories monthly.

Women’s Weekly was also able to extend the campaign beyond print advertorials and third page vertical brand adverts into digital on the Now to Love site (developing a native story), mobile video adverts  and a presence at the High Tea events in Feros’s key markets (kiosk at the each event and in magazine/online exposure). Women’s Weekly also supported the entire campaign with some relevant editorial articles on retirement and healthy food/diet using quotes from Feros experts. Feros was also featured in Best Buys section nearly every month of the campaign.

To encourage consumer engagement Evergreen created concepts to support the win $10,000 towards your bucket list competition. Our idea leveraged the insight that people often use their fridge as an inspiration board. The promotional elements included a interactive stand and economical magnet brand reminder.


Advertorials delivered overall recall of 19%, collectively one in 5 women aged 30+ recalling reading or seeing an advertorial.

  • Over 20,000 people attended the High teas across the four key markets; estimated reach from marketing material promoting the event was 4.1M with a frequency of 2.2
  • Mobile delivered nearly 600,000 impressions overall with an 80%+ completion rate on videos and a minimum CTR rate of .07 with many bursts achieving 0.1%.
  • The third page brand adverts achieved 31% branded recall amongst those surveyed.

In summary:

  • The campaign reached a combined total of 6,461,000 people across print and digital at a frequency of 3.10
  • 2,806,000 of the total reach were those aged 55+
  • Total delivered impressions: 635,113
  • Feros Care campaign strengthened brand awareness with a recorded uplift of +152%
"The Women’s Weekly Grow Bold media campaign is a great example of putting the right message in the right environment at the right time to achieve strong results for Feros, which we have been pleased with. engagement with the bucket list competition was extremely well received with over 10,000 entries."
Camila Hynes
Head of Brand and Marketing

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