Hawthorn Grange

Aged Care

Multi-channel strategy for a premium product

Business challenge

McKenzie Aged Care Group is an Australian family-owned business, dedicated to providing quality service and personalised aged care.

When the time comes for older people to leave their homes, they will appreciate a new home where their independence is retained in a relaxed, friendly and caring atmosphere.  McKenzie Aged Care makes it feel like their family is looking after your family.

In 2010, Hawthorn Grange became an exclusive and unique home under McKenzie’s partnering company.  Located in one of Melbourne’s more upmarket, affluent areas, the strategy was to target families and influencers of appropriate residents and generate enquiry for the premium, but limited, positions available at Hawthorn Grange.

Aged care is not a topic which, when advertised, will motivate people to consider and act upon immediately. The campaign needed create brand recall with both target audiences:

  • Primary – the children (45 – 64 year old bracket), spouses, and carers living in a 10 km radius
  • Secondary – Healthcare professionals within a 10km radius

The challenge was to give an aged care offering a refined and upmarket persona, which is quite radical to the traditional approach. 


The overall campaign creative strategy for Hawthorn Grange was to promote it as the prudent choice for elegance and exclusivity (private), while reinforcing the caring nature of the home and staff.

The creative was developed to reflect the expectation of a resident, by encapsulating the finest in low and high aged care supported by 5 star levels of care, food and service.

A highly sophisticated creative style involved the careful choice of appropriate talent and prestigious colour theming.


The media channels selected were local press, online (refined to highly visited websites with geographical targeting), and cinema in the surrounding areas.

Healthcare professionals were targeted with a DM campaign, as research confirmed that the local doctor is the first point of discussion for nearly 75% of aged care referrals.


Over the 16 week campaign period, all vacancies had been filled for either permanent or respite residents, and a steady flow of general enquiries into the availability of the home.

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