Macarthur Gardens


Creating a brand in a new market

Business challenge

Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village was a new greenfield asset being developed for the Stockland Retirement Living portfolio of communities across Australia.

Notably, it was the first retirement village that Stockland had built in New South Wales.

Situated in Campbelltown, Macarthur Gardens was to provide the benefits of being positioned on the cusp of an urban and semi-rural environment, while having the convenience of a vibrant town centre right on the doorstep.

Evergreen was engaged to develop the Village branding – a look and feel that resonated with the local community, while being underpinned by the values of Stockland.


In designing the logo, mature-friendly communication principles were applied to ensure ageless functionality.

Application of the logo, and the integral graphic elements to the logo, were considered in project branding, collateral, point of sale and advertising usage. Various creative solutions were developed which answered the brand promise and its key factors.

Once a concept option was selected by the client, Evergreen refined the logo, colour and font options.

This process resulted in the approved horizontal and vertical logo versions, as seen below.


To maintain the integrity and consistency of the Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village project brand positioning and visual identity, a brand guidelines manual was developed for the reference of Stockland staff, contractors and suppliers.

The document serves as a ‘ready reckoner’ for the logo versions, colours and typography that had been approved to apply in the production of materials and communications for Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village.

The next phase of the brand development journey was to apply the new brand device to a master communication piece; in the first instance a press ad.

The tactical messaging can change throughout the campaign, but it will always have the one central campaign idea – which best relates to the proposition.


By following the brand guidelines and master communication piece, we were able to maintain consistency across all the marketing elements throughout the Village.

This process created a strong, enduring and recognisable brand for Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village.

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