Nature – an enduring growth strategy

Read how the interest in gardening has flourished in Covid times. Find out what generation is best to target and some ideas how to reach them and make message resonate.         Click to download

Understanding the Grandparent economy

Grandfather and grandson swimming

Did you know that 1.7 million (85%) Australian Seniors and 2.8 million (64%) of Boomers are grandparents. They are more actively involved in their grandchildren’s lives than previous generations and a powerful economy for marketers and retailers. ‘The Grandparent Economy’ by Lori K Bitter explores how the world’s growing grandparent population is shaping the world’s […]

What do older women want

Senior lady with dog

Mature women between the ages of 50 and 80 feel they are not well understood and ignored by many advertisers and marketers alike, despite being Australia’s most influential spenders. A study conducted by Perspective Research and Evergreen Advertising and Marketing involved discussion groups with women between the ages of 50 and 80 from various backgrounds. The study aimed to […]

Aussie Seniors are on the move

Seniors walking on the beach

In advertising and marketing to the 50+ audiences, we believe there are two groups of marketers – the ‘get its’ and the ‘forget its’. Interestingly, travel and tourism marketing has a combination of these and we are noticing more marketers ‘getting it’ thanks to Boomers financial influence. With their increased appetite for travel, marketers are […]

Similarities and differences in Boomers and Seniors media habits

Many marketers like to look at the mature market as a whole. At Evergreen we like to look beneath the surface for differences and opportunities within groups in order to increase media efficiencies and effective targeting of channels and messages for our clients. Take the 50+ market.  A clear example of segmentation of this is […]

Quick glance must be ageless

In an age where much of the information Boomers and Seniors receive is through ‘quick glance’ situations on screens, the design of the digital font characters in screen language is critical to comprehension. Whether it is the read-out on the dashboard in a car, a text on a smart phone or an electronic road sign, […]

Infographic: How Millenials and Baby Boomers consume user generated content

From an A-list celebrity tagging his new designer duds on Instagram to your next-door neighbor raving about her favorite new meal-delivery service on Facebook, most everyone uses social media to talk about brands. But how different generations of people create, consume and share this type of user-generated content varies widely. To help marketers better understand […]

Is the in-home TV set dying?

Happy elder couple enjoying time together at home

There has been much talk about the decline in TV home viewing, however the trend for mature Australians appears to be much different. Many marketers have questioned whether they should spend money on TV. Interestingly, data reveals a high number of consumers, particularly older Australians, are avidly watching their in-home set. Oztam cites 94.3% of […]

How frail are your older friends and relatives? – are they faking their fitness!

  I just attended the launch of PARC, a new online screening tool to encourage discussion about frailty. The project is spearhead by Project Leader and Chief Investigator Stephen Burgess.  His presentation was thought provoking as he explained that many older people mask their underlying frailty with social skills – as we say faking it! […]

Gran Techies: the new wave of silver surfers

Elderly lady video calling

Australian grandparents are now swapping their knitting for internetting as the explosion of smart devices and increased access to fast broadband are taking over all aspects of their lives, according to a new research report commissioned by nbn. The nbn™ GranTechies Report reveals the majority of these tech-savvy grandparents couldn’t imagine their life without the […]

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